Apocalypse TV

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Apocalypse TV

Developed by sister and brother team Bo Savino & Dolph Snyder, Apocalypse TV is an evolving project of multi-media post-apocalyptic mayhem and humor.

From the new, upcoming web series, Dimension Zero, to the dancing chibi cockroaches, the Apocaloompahs, if you're looking for insanity in the face of calamity, you've come to the right place!


In the Works!

Keep a watch out for the upcoming releases of these currently "In the Works" projects!

Reggie & Ryssa 3

The Long Awaited 3rd Book of the Reggie & Ryssa series!

Broken Wings: Deathstalker

The Long Awaited release of the 3rd book in the Best-Selling Yeshua Star series.

Tapestry Book 2: Threads of Darkness

Book 2 sequel to Keeper of the Flame

Apocalypse TV

Humor Shorts... Apocaloompahs, Z-bitz & More!