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Book awards won for the writings of Bo Savino/A. J. Rand

Reggie & Ryssa

2007 AllBooks Review
Editor Choice Awards

the Summer Camp of Faery
1st Runner Up; Children's Fiction

Reggie & Ryssa

2008 Eric Hoffer

the Summer Camp of Faery
1st Runner Up; Young Adult Fiction

Reggie & Ryssa

2008 National Indie Excellence
Book Awards

the Summer Camp of Faery
Finalist; Young Adult Fiction


Here are a few things readers have had to say about the books...

Reggie& Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery
Book 1 of the Reggie & Ryssa Series (as Bo Savino)

" enthralling, illuminating, exciting, fun and necessary addition to fantasy literature. I couldn’t stop reading this story—either time..."--Robert Yehling, Bookstand Review

“[An] imaginative and enjoyable novel, recommended for fantasy lovers of all ages.”--James Cox, Children's Book Watch

“As Harry Potter winds down…more magical beings and wonderful faraway places emerge in storytelling. Bo Savino…brings the world of New Faery to life with her descriptive details, encapsulating a reader to continue the story. I highly recommend this book."--Lea Schizas, AllBooks Review

“Exciting, Suspenseful and Delightful to read… Bo Savino creates for us a fresh realm with limitless possibilities for fun, fantasy and friendships.”--Marcia Freespirit, JimSam Reviews

"Although characterized as a Young Adult novel, parents will find it difficult to put down..."--Terra Pressler, JD, PhD, Author: Creative Juice: 8 Weeks to Authentic Writing

"...I couldn't put it down...appropriate for kids of all ages...including the grown up kids, like me! I highly recommend it to anyone...but especially to parents who want to get their kids interested in reading again - or for a first time." --Michelle Devon, (Amazon Reviews) Author: A Perfect World

Harry Potter has just been one-upped. "Just when the Potter books were getting to dark for me, here comes a breath of fresh air in the fantasy world of Faery. As the other reviewers stated...I also caught the, "I can't put the book down" bug. Having lived in Florida since the late 50's and weathered many storms; Bo Savino weaves a tale that had me believing the Land Of Faery truly turns Hurricanes away from Tampa when possible. Considering I am showing my age, this is a testament that Reggie & Ryssa and the Summer Camp of Faery is for all ages."--Preston Shull, Nature Artist, (Amazon Reviews)

Love the Use of Magic in Reggie & Ryssa! "The way that Bo Savino describes and portrays the use of magic in this novel is a stroke of genius and allows for incredible description! I also enjoyed the way the author incorporated the hurricane season into the plot. It was surprising and not overdone in the least. ...This is a wonderful fantasy book that is based in the modern era. Yes, it appeals to the Harry Potter enthusiast (as stated by the other reviews here), but it is also enjoyable to occasional fantasy readers. I typically read historical fiction and scifi and I have always had a soft spot for scifi juvenile fiction. Reggie & Ryssa is well-written and completely connectible whether you are an adult reader like me, or a teen reader."-- Mike, Florida (Amazon Reviews)

Broken Wings: Genesis
Book 1 of the Yeshua Star Series (As A. J. Rand)

“A. J. Rand presents a great fantasy novel… This book will appeal to fiction and fantasy readers alike.” -- Kevin Smith, JimSam Reviews

“Fast paced and sassy…[A. J. Rand] has really found her voice as an author with this novel.” --Robert Yehling, Bookstand Reviews

"This is the first fantasy book that I've read in a long time. The author's descriptions...took me into a new world. The storyline was very suspenseful and a real page turner...I highly recommend this book." --Cathy M. Chaffin (Amazon Reviews)

Keeper of the Flame
Book 1 of the Tapestry Series (As A. J. Rand)

“Fantasy, Mythology, and Passion... [A. J. Rand] has written a novel that intricately weaves several storylines together skillfully into one cohesive story, that while it stands alone, leaves the reader begging to know more. ...the characters of Keeper of the Flame will not fail to delight and keep you drawn into the story. ...It's a good balance, and a believable plot with which any reader can relate. Keeper of the Flame is a story about passion...passion for life, passion for love, passion for following one's destiny, in spite of all the obstacles. I highly recommend this novel and look forward to more of [A. J. Rand's] creations.” --Anonymous, Barnes & Noble Reviews

Sacred Steps
(As Dr. Kim Savino)

"Consummate storytelling…the flavor of The Celestine Prophecy, but better written with a more interesting story and a powerful message…." -- Terra Pressler, J.D., Ph.D., Author: Creative Juice: 8 Weeks to Authentic Writing & Cracker Wisdom.

"It was absolutely beautiful, yet touching and chilling at the same time. Great job defining the pipe ceremony." --Jeff Ely, Tampa, FL (Amazon Reviews)

"The power in [this] book is beyond comprehension. It is timely with insight into wisdom and the Journey of Life." --Roger S. Pile, Ph.D. (Amazon Reviews)

In the Works!

Keep a watch out for the upcoming releases of these currently "In the Works" projects!

Reggie & Ryssa 3

The Long Awaited 3rd Book of the Reggie & Ryssa series!

Broken Wings: Deathstalker

The Long Awaited release of the 3rd book in the Best-Selling Yeshua Star series.

Tapestry Book 2: Threads of Darkness

Book 2 sequel to Keeper of the Flame

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