I still continue to love my journey as an author, editor, & reader!
But now I'm also exploring the fun world of CGI, sound & video editing, special
effects, graphic arts and more! This site introduces some of my work.

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You have found your way to the website of Award-winning, Best selling author Bo Savino, aka A. J. Rand. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. I hope you'll keep coming back for more! Life is an adventure, and adventure shared is always the potential for raising the levels of fun exponentially!

Always feel free to come up and say "hi" if you see me, but be warned... you never know which personality might step out and greet you wherever I'm at! But seriously... I use pseudonyms to keep the young adult and adult genres separate in the hearts and minds of my readers. From my young adult fantasy as Bo Savino, to my sassy urban sci-fi/fantasies and my saucy high fantasies written as A.J. Rand...there should be a world in which you can find a place to dip your toes in for a spell.

In the Works

I always have something fun and interesting for my upcoming projects. These are a few that are in my current focus. I have had my fingers (figuratively) slapped
for being too scattered & unproductive, so I'm learning to narrow my focus and give things the attention they need. I'll get more done for you to have fun!

Reggie & Ryssa and the Faery Corps

Book 3 of the Award Winning R&R series!

Broken Wings: Deathstalker

Book 3 of the Best Selling A. J. Rand series!

Tapestry Book 2: Threads of Darkness

Book 2 sequel to Keeper of the Flame

Apocalypse TV

Humor Shorts... Apocaloompahs, Z-bitz & More!

Web Comics

New Series released in Comic format.

Scripts/Movies/Web Series

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Bo Savino

R&R and the Summer Camp of Faery
Book 1 of the Reggie & Ryssa Series

A. J. Rand

Broken Wings: Genesis
Book 1 of the Yeshua Star Series

A. J. Rand

Keeper of the Flame
Book 1 of the Tapestry Series

Bo Savino

R&R and the Scavenger Hunt
Book 2 of the Reggie & Ryssa Series

A. J. Rand

Broken Wings: Alpha
Book 2 of the Yeshua Star Series

A. J. Rand

Sky Gold